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All students are a part of the Student-democracy
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What is the Student Democracy?

The purpose of the student democracy is to look after the students interests, and to promote the students' views towards internal and external parties. The Student Democracy is a politically and religiously independent body, and was established on the basis of the Universities and University Colleges Act.

You can read more about Student Democracy's structure here!

The Student Democracy consists of students, for students.


It works to ensure that my, your and
all students' voices are heard. That is why it is important that you help to express your opinion.
This applies to everything that affects you in everyday life as a student, such as a desire for a
better offer of public transport, a class that may be improved, or perhaps you think the reading
hall should have had a kettle.

In order for your voice to be heard, you don't necessarily have to run for office, it can be as simple as voting at the Student Election or at the General Assembly. You can also go together with your class and have your class representative.

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The Student Parliament's Student Board (AU) for 22/23 consists of Helene Sylvarnes, Leader Jens Bartnes, Åse Vigdisdatter Nytrø (here in order from left to right).

They are responsible for the day-to-day running of the Student Democracy at NMBU, and represent the NMBU students in a number of councils and committees at the university, and externally.


Would you like to know more about what AU does?

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Jens Bartnes, Leader of the Student Parliament's Student Board 2022/2023

Working for a better everyday student life at NMBU

The Student Democracy works for better student lives at NMBU. This might concern which subject offer is to be offered where, air quality in classrooms, better psychosocial health offer, activities for international students, canteen offers,  more student housing or more research-based teaching.

Do you need help with a complaint or do you have any ideas as to how being a student at NMBU might get even better? Get in touch or get involved in Student Parliament!

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The Student Parliament's
Date plan 2022

The schedule below gives an insight into the Student Parliament's most important dates and events during the school year.

Note especially the dates for any case paper deadlines, the Student Parliament meetings, and the elections for the spring and autumn semesters.

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Follow us

Stop by and say hi!

Feel free to stop by our office in Urbygningen, U118, if you have any questions or for a chat.


For general inquiries, you can contact If you are looking for a specific person to contact, you can find contact info here. 

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