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NOTE: New from 2023 is that applications for welfare funds will be applied for viaelectronic application form.

Welfare funds are distributed to teams and associations on Campus Ås to contribute e.gil and lifriendly, diverse and inclusive student environment. The funds mainly support activities on campus. All teams and associations at Campus Ås can apply for welfare funds.

For more information, contakt Studenttinget by e-mail:the student

The application deadline in the spring is 10 February (
for the whole year) and the application deadline in the autumn is 10 September. Should the set deadline fall on a public holiday or weekend, the deadline will be the first working dayis the holiday or weekend. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be processed.

Transfer of funds
In order for an association to be awarded welfare funds, the money must be transferred to an organization account. This is to have control that the funds go to the applying association

About the returning of funds:
In case of repayment of funds, the applicable sum shallpaid to account no. 1654.20.29092, and the payment must be marked with "Project 111, Welfare funds, *association name*".

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Do you have an exciting community meeting, professional or political event you want to arrange on campus? You can apply for funding for this at any time from the Student Parliament. Applications for funds for professional and political events are sent to the person responsible for welfare funds from the Working Committee no later than three (3) weeks before the event. You can find the application form via the link below, and you fill in all the fields in the template and send by e-mail to the e-mail that is in the form. The application can also be submitted to the Working Committee's office. All teams / associations, including Samfunnsstyret, can apply for funding for professional and political funding until the pot is empty.

Important rules:

  • The event must be open to all students

  • You can not make a financial profit on events for which you apply for funding

  • Activities / measures that are supported by funds for professional and political events are not supported by the activity funds

  • The organizer of a professional or political event sends a report to the person responsible for welfare funds from the Working Committee on the professional or political meeting no later than three (3) weeks after the meeting (template for report can be found above)


Examples of events that have been awarded support in the past:

  • Lectures with famous/relevant people

  • Seminar on food production

  • Case night

  • Celebration of Women's Day

  • Open meeting

  • Debate on forest protection

  • Pecha Kucha

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Apply for funding to support your initiatives! If you have an idea that will bring students from different cultural backgrounds together, go ahead and apply for Inclusion Funds.​ The Inclusion Funds supports activities, events and initiatives that will create contact between Norwegian and International. Students applying for larger social/pro-active activities or initiatives will be prioritized (i.e. groups larger than fifteen).
Before applying for Inclusion Funds, make sure to read the current rules and regulations.IMPORTANT: If you are applying with an international bank account, please include the IBAN, swift number and your bank account number.

Examples of previous activities supported by the Inclusion Funds:

  • Photo-trip to Oslo

  • International Food Festival

  • Museum trip

  • Thanksgiving dinner

  • Christmas party

  • Oslo fjord cruise

  • Bowling

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