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SiÅs Board

The SiÅs board is responsible for the overall activities of the Student Association in Ås, both strategically and financially. The board consists of a total of seven representatives.  Four students, including a chair, a deputy chair and two board members. There is a representative from NMBU, an external representative and an employee representative. The board members are elected by the student council, and they sit on the board for two years. One year as board members, and one year as either chairman or deputy chairman. All board members are nevertheless individuals and are personally responsible for the company's results in accordance with the Norwegian Companies Act. The board must always consist of at least 50% students,  first and foremost because student organizations must pursue student welfare for the students, with a healthy and good economy. The SiÅs board has a duty to report to the Student Parliament.  About 6-8 meetings a year, the positions are honored!

What do you get out of sitting on the SiÅs board:

- Participate in further developing the student welfare offer at NMBU campus Ås

-Real board experience from an organization with many different companies

- Seminars

- Personal development

Student representatives for the school year 2021/2022:

Selma Sollihagen (Chairman of the Board)

Kim André Nielsen (Deputy Chairman)

Ida Beate Løken (Board member)

Åsmund Tunheim (Board member)

Magnus Dybdahl (1st substitute)

Tor Grobstok (2nd alternate)

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