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Candidates for the Student Election

Leader of the Student Board Member

Member of the Student Board

R (4).jpg
candidature_AU_avn_Åse Vigdisdatter Nyt.jpg
Åse Vigdisdatter Nytrø

Hi! I’m Åse Vigdisdatter Nytrø, and I’m passionate about enhancing visibility and commitment surrounding everything that underlies NMBU’s student life, and for further development of NMBU as a sustainability focused university. 

AU application_Helene Sylvarnes.jpg
Helene Sylvarnes

I am Helene and I am a bubbly, committed and cheerful person who has the experience and motivation to work for the students for the next year. 

IMG_2787_Magnus Azevedo Stirø.jpg
Magnus Azevedo Stirø

Hi! I’m Magnus Azevedo Stirø, studying International Relations. I am the leader of SAIH Ås and wish to make NMBU more inclusive by strengthening the student democracy and student environment.

marte_bilde_Marte Vestvik.jpg
Marte Vestvik

Hi! My name is Marte and I am in my 3rd year of International Environment and Development Studies. I am active, hard-working and a coffee-lover.

Female Representative University Board

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Gina snow_Gina Marie Granheim 1.jpg
Gina Marie Granheim

I want to describe myself as kind, caring, sociable and reliable. I love teamwork and can also take charge. 

Knut Sørbø-8_Siril Bjørke.jpg
Cyril Bjørke

I am an involved student, who isn’t afraid to call out if I disagree with what is being said, and have a lot of experience with it. 

Female  representative  the faculty boards


R (4).jpg
Kristine Koppervik
Faculty Board 

I'm 23 years old and comes from Tønsberg. I started to study for my dreamjob in 2019 at NMBU Veterinærhøgskolen. I'm a happy and dedicated veterinary student who is not ment to sit on the sideline.

1_Linda Martine Lindst.jpg
Linda Martine Lindstad
Deputy for Faculty Board

I want all veterinary students and veterinary nurse students to have their voices heard on the faculty board


R (4).jpg
tempImageh2SVnw_Camila Noel Moreno.jpg
Camila Noel Moreno
Faculty Board

I am very outgoing, hard worker and have a lot of enthusiasm and good communication skills. If you ask those who know me, they can confirm I am a very happy person. 

Portett_Emilie_Emilie Netskar.jpeg
Emilie Netskar
Faculty Board

 I wish the best for everybody! In addition, I am a nice person and very fond of talking


R (4).jpg
Meg_Soley Einarsdottir.jpg
Soley Einarsdottir
Faculty Board

I am curious, motivated, brave, fair, active, fast learner, happy, cooperative, easily adapted to new environments, adventurous, creative, firm, impulsive, full of ideas, bubbly, stubborn, empathetic, understanding and responsible.  

candidacy_Sigrid Esmeralda Arn.jpg
Sigrid Esmeralda Arnestad
Faculty Board

Hi! My name is Sigrid, I am 25 years old and I am passionate about both diversity and the environment! Now I run as a candidate for the faculty board with a desire to raise the student voice.

Gina snow_Gina Marie Granheim 1.jpg
Gina Marie Granheim
Faculty Board

I want to describe myself as kind, caring, sociable and reliable. I love teamwork and can also take charge. 



R (4).jpg
KS image, V22, cropped_Maja Raz Karterud.jpg
Maja Raz Karterud
Faculty Board

My motivation for applying for this position is to make the students' voices clear. I want to work even more with the communication between students and staff, and for the inclusion of the student's voice in all matters that affect us. 

246142556_471654137371753_5184130058963166337_Aina Hustveit.jpg
Aina Hustveit
The faculty board

I am a person you can trust, a great listener, someone who sees things from different perspectives, not afraid to speak up and I stand for what I say and do. 

960891A9-E069-4900-84D4-9DF75520A481_Ane Siqveland Kalhei.jpeg
Ane Siqveland Kalheim
Deputy for faculty board

A happy girl that loves to be active, be with a lot of people and never says no to a conversation.


R (4).jpg
Bilde_kandidatur_Iben Amalie Lund Joh.png
Iben Amalie Lund Johansen
The faculty board

I am Iben, I have been active in the student environment for almost 4 years and would like to continue in Faculty board to work for the best possible student everyday life

image1_Veronica Maria Furø.jpg
Veronica Kravlen
The faculty board

My name is Veronica and I am a food science student in the 4th year at KBM. I am ambitious on behalf of NMBU, and I want to help make KBM and NMBU even better in the future

E674AED9-D63A-4D71-8D2A-FEE1E5123C9C_Sigrid Fu Skjelbosta_edited.jpg
Sigrid Fu Skjelbostad
Deputy for the Faculty Board 

I’m a social person who engages in various activities. I like to discuss a variety of topics with both friends and acquaintances.

R (4).jpg
E3F4F178-3D64-4A3D-B81F-AE9E6EA2A0F2_Emiline Frantzen.jpeg
Emiline Frantzen
The faculty board

My name is Emiline Frantzen and I want to run for re-election as a student representative.  I want to share the students' opinion with the board and work to influence the issues that concern us.  It is important that the faculty offers a good learning environment and high academic quality of the study programs.

Guro Ronglan Aarnes 
Deputy for the faculty board

I am 23 years old, curious, and fond of a good discussion! As a deputy on the Faculty Board, my goal is to be a good representative for all students at HH.


R (4).jpg
278245189_3163420953916779_936571302655030975_Lea Berggren Hagberg.jpg
Lea Berggren Hagberg
Faculty Board

Hi! I'm 24 years old and I'am studying aquaculture at BIOVIT, where I get to use my passion for a sustainable food production. I'm also a social person, who cares a lot about my fellow students wellbeing.

Screenshot 2022-03-25 at 14.26.20_Malin Kyrkjeeide Net.png
Malin Kyrkjeeide Neteland
Faculty Board

Malin, 24 years old from Hardanger. Studying 3rd year animal science. As of today, I sit in forskningsutvalget for Biovit. I am also involved in matkomiteen on samfunnet and on the board of Linjeforeninga, Husdyrklanen.

24D9D508-F07A-4E22-9A22-7A0603A72916_Louise Olsen Methlie.jpeg
Louise Olsen Methlie Wedaa
Faculty Board

I am a high-functioning and resourceful woman who is passionate about getting involved to make others flourish! In addition, I want to be a person that students can get knowledge and guidance from about the information they need :)

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