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Student election Autumn 2023

15th - 22nd november

The candidates for the student elections

Already decided?

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The University board

Eirik-Mathias Bjørnø Rummelhoff
NMBU is in exciting and demanding times, but if we are to become the University of Sustainability, quality in everything we do must be in focus. We shall be the best place for higher education and be rock solid behind everyone from NMBU!
Vegard Sjaastad Hansen
My name is Vegard and I want to work for good study quality by being an active voice in the meetings.
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Faculty boards


Theodor Morten Sundberg
Hello My name is Theodor Morten Sundberg and I am in my 5th semester at veterinary school. I would like to run as a representative for the faculty board VET to make the regular student's everyday life a little easier.
Nicholas Harries
Small changes at faculty level have the ability to have major impacts on student everyday life. Thus, I consider it important to involve the point of view of the student body before a choice is made.
Sigurd Jægersborg Mathisen
The position sounds exciting, and I think I can contribute an important voice to the faculty as it is important to hear students with experience from the new study plan.
Markus Bjørnberg
I am a calm fellow and fond of cake.


Kasper Lingaas
I want to work to ensure that the faculty's students are seen and heard. Furthermore, I am concerned that constant cost-cutting should not affect the quality of teaching, and that the faculty plans for student-active learning.


Håvard Sveen
An instructive year as student council leader has inspired me to continue my involvement in student democracy. As a student representative on the faculty board, I will work for student welfare, cooperation, inclusion and a strong Students' House.
Nicolai Lütken Terland
Hello, my name is Nicolai, and as a student representative on the Faculty Board, I will fight for the students' voice to be included in all matters and decisions that affect us.


Magnus Schie Larsen
My name is Magnus Schie Larsen and I study 2nd year chemistry and biotechnology. I want us as students to a greater extent to be able to actively contribute to measures to have a better study day both socially and academically.
Borgar Omdal Sandtrø
My name is Borgar Omdal Sandtrø, I am 21 years old, studying in the third year of a master's in food science and nutrition and I hope that I get to represent the students at KBM as a representative on the faculty board.


Thomas Blomkvist
Studying Economics, is class trustee and former student council leader. Has several positions in politics and board experience. Everyone must be heard and we need a short distance from students to the faculty board.
Trym Jarle Sætherbø Vårdal
With extensive experience from previous educational courses, I make my qualifications available to HH. Vote for me if you want a pleasant weekday!


Bilal Ahmed
For me, it has always been rewarding to work for others, representing a community that works for a common goal is for me a privilege.
Elias Bye Rossetnes
My name is Elias and I want to work for you and your well-being at the MINA faculty. If you give me your vote, I can promise you diligent work and commitment in return.


Marius Rasmussen
I am running for re-election to the faculty board, with one year's experience. Biovit is in a difficult financial situation, which means difficult decisions in the next year. With my broad experience and an all-round view, I am dedicated to defending our interests as students in the faculty's decisions.
What is the student election?

Deadline to submit your candidacy: Saturday the 1st of April, at 23:59.


During The student election in the spring, we elect a new Student Board, and female representatives to the Faculty Boards (FS) at each faculty (one permanent and one deputy for each faculty) and to the University Board (US) (one permanent and one deputy). Male representatives are elected during The student election in the fall.

Through the form below, you can quickly and without obligation register either yourself or others who you think may be suitable for one of the positions, or if more information is desired. Then the Student Parliament's Electoral Committee will contact you as soon as possible. You can also contact the Electoral Committee at any time via

Questions about the election? Check out our FAQ:
Learn more about The Student Democracy here:
Read more about
the positions here:

The most efficient way to voice your opinion and make change, is to vote for good student candidates to represent you on the faculty and university level. 

Luckily it doesn't take more than a couple of seconds to vote!

On the election of representatives to US and FS

Election of representatives to the University Board

Two student representatives are elected, one of each legal gender, with personal representation on the University Board (US). These are chosen by electronic ballot, where all semester-registered students have the right to vote. The ballot box election takes place each year in April/May and November. The term of office for those elected is 1 year, and lasts from 01.07. - 30.06 for the spring election, and 01.01. - 31.12 for the autumn election. 

Election of representatives to the Faculty Boards

Two student representatives are elected, with personal representation for the seven Faculty Boards (FS). These are chosen by electronic ballot, where all semester-registered students at the relevant faculty have the right to vote. A student only has the right to vote in one faculty board election. Ballot elections take place each year in April/May for and November. The term of office for those elected is one (1) year, and lasts from 01.07 to 30.06 for the spring election, and 01.01 - 31.12 for the autumn election. 

From Statutes for the Student Democracy at the Norwegian University of the Environment and Life Sciences,which can be found here

More about cases and calls in

Faculty boards (and other committees)

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