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The corona situation at NMBU

The government has introduced further measures to limit the spread of the omicron variant of corona. The measures apply from 15 December 2021.

New restrictions and austerity measures from the government mean that we have decided on changes in examinations. We must all help to limit encounters between people. NMBU does not have large enough rooms to keep two meters away on exams, and several of you live close by and have to travel by public transport to get to campus. This is the reason why NMBU's management has decided that all exams from tomorrow, Wednesday 15 December, will be conducted as home exams. In a few courses, the exam will be postponed until January, so that the course coordinator has time to create new exam assignments prepared for the home exam. What applies to the individual topic is communicated on the Canvas page for the topic.


The new rules apply for four weeks, ie up to and including 12 January. This means that we have decided that the January block will be implemented digitally until 12 January. There will be updates continuously if the situation changes. The exception is students who are dependent on conducting experiments in laboratories or skills training. They will receive physical education in small groups.


Campus is open. It is important that all students remember to bring their ID card, as the front doors will also be locked during the day, so you must use the ID card to enter the building. We hope and wish that you students will be able to use the campus also in the new year - of course with all infection control considerations. This will depend on the infection situation and the government's guidelines.


Information about the program in the single topic is updated in Canvas. Stay tuned there.

Here you can find answers to questions about the corona situation at NMBU.

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