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Announcement of funds for student-based activities on the theme of gender equality and diversity

If you are a student and have a good idea for an initiative, activity, or event on the theme of equality and diversity, you can now apply for funds to realize your idea. The Gender Equality and Diversity project in the HR-department now allocates NOK 100,000 for student-based activities, and the application deadline is 1st of September.

You can apply for support for initiatives, activities or events that help us achieve one or more of the goals below:

• Raise awareness at NMBU about the importance of working with gender equality and diversity

• Increase the knowledge about gender- and diversity perspectives in research, teaching and the work environment

• Increase the competence on gender equality and diversity in your student environment or in the student environment at NMBU

You can apply for up to NOK 50,000, and it is good if the activities are implemented this year.

The project group for The Gender Equality and Diversity project at the HR-department allocates funds upon application. The allocations are based on how well the measure seems to meet the goals of the gender equality and diversity project and an assessment of the total variation in the type of measure.

Fill out the application form and submit your application! The application deadline is 1st of September.

Visit the NMBU-website for gender equality and diversity:

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